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Read, Write, Think – has a number of comic based activities and has an article discussing the benefits of the comic form (if you haven’t explored Read Write Think yet this is an amazing resource)
Eek! Comics in the Classroom! – an article from Education World
Comics in the classroom: 100 Tips, Tools and Resources for Teachers – a very useful blog post
Cartoons and Comic Life- a blog post containing video interviews with teachers about how they are using comics effectively (and Comic Life) at secondary level.

Comic Life Resources

Comic Life in the English teacher's classroom

Comic Life in the English teacher's classroom from Rusty Gates on Vimeo.


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Witty Comics

provides a simple platform that students can use to create two character dialogues. To use Witty Comics students just need to select the pre-drawn background scenes and the pre-drawn characters they want to feature in their comics. Writing the dialogues is the creative element that is left to the students.
Witty Comics provides pre-drawn background scenes and characters which leaves students free to focus on the story they're trying to tell. Students only have three frames with which to work in. The three frame limit will make students focus on selecting their words carefully for maximum storytelling effect.

Cartoon Generators

Comics Lab Extreme

Comic Strip Printables

I have several different comic strip layouts to choose from. There is no true right side up on the layout pages.

Web Comic Links

These are appropriate for a wide range of younger people. I will let you know what I think, but it is ultimately your decision as the adult as to whether or not it is appropriate for the kids in your life.

Comics in Education

Hello and welcome to Comics in Education! I'm Gene Yang, high school teacher and cartoonist. This site is the online version of the final project proposal for my Masters of Education degree at California State University at Hayward. (The project itself, Factoring with Mr. Yang, is linked in the lower right-hand corner of this page.) The educational potential of the comics medium has been largely ignored by the educational establishment. Comics in Education is my own small effort to the rectify this oversight.

Comics and Graphic Novels in Teaching and Learning

Comic Makeovers: Examining Race, Class, Ethnicity, and Gender in the Media

The Comic Book Show and Tell

Learning from the art of comics

Comic Life Links and Tips

Comic Life in the Classroom

Comic Life was designed to create comic strips or arrange photos into a scrapbook. Can you believe that people are using Comic Life to advertise items on eBay! Comic Life is an easy and fun program that your student's will like using to create projects. Using the MacBook's built in iSight camera, Comic Life allows the user to take a picture and add it to Comic Life's page template very easily. You can also use Photo Booth to take pictures and apply effects to the pictures. Instructions on how to use Photo Booth is listed under Navigation.

What's So Funny?

Using cartoons in the classroom.

40+ Cartoon Character Illustration Tutorials

Comic Creator


Story Top

Story Top is a simple comic strip creator. Students can create an account on Story Top where they can save, share with classmates, and print out comic strips that they create. Students can choose from a set selection of backgrounds, images, and text bubbles (they aren’t able to upload their own images). Using the Story Top clip art and backgrounds, students can create a fun comic strip about almost any topic with a simple drag-and-drop interface.
Tips: To use your comic strips on your classroom website or in a newsletter, take a screen shot of the strip to save it as a picture file on your computer (on a Mac it is command+shift+4).

Resources for Creating Cartoons and Comics

Creating Comic Strips from Your Photos

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Teaching with Comics

Here is a short list of web sites for teaching with or through comics in grades 3-12 from Thinkfinity Texas
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The Comic Book Movement

Innovative Teaching - Chris Wilson Discusses the Comic Book Movement

The Best Comics for Your Classroom by Grade Level

The Graphic Classroom - A blog

The Graphic Classroom is a resource for teachers and librarians to help them stock high quality, educational-worthy, graphic novels and comics in their classroom or school library. I read and review every graphic novel or comic on this blog and give it a rating as to appropriateness for the classroom.

ToonDoo - The Cartoon Strip Creator

Create, Publish, Share, Discuss!ToonDoo is a wacky way to get creative with comics. You can now create your own comic strips, share them or insert them in your blogs with just a few clicks and drag-n-drops!

Make your own comic with MAKE BELIEFS COMIX!

Online Educational Comic Generator for Kids of All Ages. Create your own comic strip online - The Official Dilbert Website

with Scott Adams' color strips, Dilbert animation, mashups and more!

Online Comic Strips - How to Make Cartoons

Children create online comic strips

Pixton™ - The User-Generated Comic Strip

An online user-generated comic strip. a lesson plan designed to work with Pixton

Creating Comic strips from your photos

ReadWriteThink: Student Materials: Comic Creator

Comiqs | Create

Photos, add pix and doodles your story and you have a comic strip

Bitstrips: Page One

Funky Ways to Express Yourself

:: PIMPAMPUM :: Bubblr! .:.

Build comic strips from you Flickr photo. Add comic captions to photos

We Blog Cartoons

Free cartoons to use on your blog

Comic Life Resources

Exploring Comic Life

Comic Life Wiki

Comic Life Links and Tips

How to Use Comic Life in the Classroom

Make Your Own Graphix
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The Celebration Of Cartoons and Comic Strip Art

By Andrew Gibson and Smashing Magazine Editorial Team
Comics aren’t just for children, as some people might think. There are many comics written with adults in mind, and this is reflected in the depth and scope of the artwork. Comic strips are widely read around the world in newspapers, magazines, books and the internet. Some are created simply to make people laugh, some are made to entertain (often with storylines worthy of a novel) and there are some that make political or social commentary.
Comic strips have a surprisingly long and interesting history. For instance, there’s evidence of comics in China from as long ago as the 11th century BC! Comics have evolved over the years with advances in technology and the changing styles of art and graphic design, and are often at the cutting edge of design.
The culture of an artist’s country is often a big influence on their work, and consequently comic styles are different around the world. We present you over 50 examples of beautiful comic strip artwork, from places as diverse as America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Some interesting articles and resources are listed at the bottom of the post.

Comic Template - Publisher 2003

Cartoons for the Classroom

Download lessons and explore other cartoon links - from The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists

100 Lesson Plans Using Editorial Cartoons

Lesson Plans for the Professional Cartoonist's Index

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Tell Tale Games - Sam and Max

Make your own Sam and Max comic strip

Escrapbooking Projects - Comics
Plenty of ideas here

TED Talks Scott McCloud: Understanding comics

Global political cartoons

Each week, The World's Carol Hills presents a selection of political cartoons from around the globe that comment on issues in the news.