Oral Language


Ideas for debates, speeches, argument writing


Our goal is to make the best arguments on all sides of any public debate freely available to all and continuously open to challenge and improvement by all.
In pursuit of this goal, Debategraph is:
A wiki debate visualization tool that lets you:
  • present the strongest case on any debate that matters to you;
  • openly engage the opposing arguments;
  • create and reshape debates, make new points, rate and filter the arguments;
  • monitor the evolution of debates via RSS feeds; and,
  • share and reuse the debates on and offline;


Articles from UK which could be discussion starters

Ipopetz tv

Are you conversational, poet, chatterbox, actor, windbag, talker….? Do you like to speak, jaw, schmooze, play…in other words, free your speech?Then come and discover IPOPETZ.TV, external image logo.gif A playful space on the Web for spoken communication.On IPOPETZ.TV you animate a puppet and let it talk with your own voice With Ipopetz you can change ideas, create your one-man show and send surprising messages to your friends.

Storytelling Resources Online

Handbook for Storytellers

This handbook on storytelling offers hints to anyone who is interested in telling stories. You'll have to learn for yourself what works for you. You'll need to develop your own storytelling style. These suggestions are offered as a means of beginning your journey into the wonderful world of storytelling.

Myths and Legends

Welcome to Myths and Legends. This site is for pupils, teachers and all those who enjoy stories and storytelling.
Also available Story Creator 2

Radio Plays Online

Google search results of radio plays online

Like Radio, but Online

From Remote Access (Clarence Fisher)
Rather than posting all eleven links to the plays separately, here is a link to our class blog that will lead you to all eleven. If you can, please listen to a play, leave the students a comment and feel free to use these if you can, as I have Creative Commons licensed all of them.