Term Two

Personal Experience Camp Recount

Our first piece of writing this term is a recount of a personal experience from camp - I'm sure most of you will choose the High Ropes. Remember you need to focus on an approximate five minute time span and show us rather than tell us about all your thoughts, feelings, actions etc.
The rubric for this is on the Rubric link on the sidebar.
Another thing to remember is that you have to hand in proof of all your editing and proofreading on this piece which may include handing in your draft book.

I have been able to find copies of the examples I read to you on my laptop so here they are:

PLEASE do not copy any of these pieces. I have put them here to give you an example of the type of writing I am expecting.
My challenge to you is to produce something better!

Book Reviews:

You will need to review 2 books this term. Please make sure that you follow the task requirements and focus your review on giving your own indepth opinion of the books.

Here are two examples of the type of book review I am wanting.